Commodity trades are becoming more and more important in the present times and there are many people that like to trade in commodities rather than shares. First, let us try to understand what is meant by commodity trade. Commodity trade is a type of trading at the commodity stock exchange where the commodities are traded like shares etc.

We make predictions based on quantitative and qualitative research of the market trends and the commodity situations in the world. We provide you with the latest minute by minute information making your trading life simple and tension free, help you to develop individual methods of trading and maximizing resources, educate you with all the details of the commodity and the trade markets. The predictions extended by us are highly accurate and deemed reliable by most old-timers in this trade. 

  • Limited but quality calls. 3-4 calls on a daily basis.      
  •  SMS service is very fast and takes not more than few seconds to      reach you.
  • An accuracy of 85-90% maintained on all our intraday calls. 
  • Recommendations are given in Bullion and National precious metals. 
  • Complete support through SMS and chat room.


Financial markets today offer an ever-widening array of financial products. Among the most recent are Nifty futures, which include futures contracts on common stocks and futures contracts on a narrow-based index of securities. 

Nifty futures trading can provide new opportunities for managing the price risks inherent in volatile stock markets as well as profiting from expected price movements in these markets. It is a highly profitable business in Stock market if you have definite plans and pre-determined strategies. 

Number of calls:   We provide with around 1-2 calls on a daily basis.

Entry message: Exact buy and sell levels will be sent to you at the time of market price reaching that level, so that you can take positions around buy and sell position levels.

Stop loss message: Entry stop loss message will be sent to you along with the entry message, thereafter providing you with trailing stop loss to lock your profits as and when required.

News: Top news, latest economy updates from the world as well as the Indian markets.

Updates on the position exit and all follow ups as to hold or carry forward the position.